Parlez – vous francais? Sprechen sie deutsch? Do you speak English?

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We offer the children possibility to study English, German, Romanian, Hungarian, French, Italian and Spanish in a different, non-school environment. We have interactive programmes for kids and students, through which they can learn and practice a foreign language. They can also explore the different aspects of language and culture of the country.

Our children’s courses are organised in 25-hour modules that last for 10 or 15 weeks with 1 lesson per week of 1,5 hours or 2 hours depending on the children’s availability. Groups consist of between 4 and 8 participants and the courses are suspended during the school holidays.

Registrations are made at BLSH by completing a registration form and paying the course fee. In the case where there are not enough enrolments to form a group at a particular level, the course fees will be returned in full.

Every child will receive a preliminary evaluation to determine their current level of language ability, an original course book, well structured, active lessons delivered by our highly dedicated teachers, a course ending evaluation, and a Certificate of Participation.