About us

At Bridge Language Study House we pride ourselves on offering quality language services and a memorable learning experience for all. Over the last 10 years we have evolved by taking into account the opinions of our learners’ experiences, our client’s satisfactions, and our teachers’ professional opinions about our approach, delivery, materials and environment.

We continue to invest in the development and implementation of new methods for learning and teaching foreign languages, with our ultimate goal being to make a difference in Romania and to become a recognised centre of excellence.
We collaborate with over 70 language professionals in three locations: Cluj-Napoca, Oradea and Satu-Mare. All of whom are enthusiastic, energetic and spontaneous, whilst demonstrating their professionalism, a sense of responsibility and dedication. Their abilities to develop or adapt materials according to the learners’ needs and striving to keep up with the latest and most modern teaching methods make them all worthy members of our team.

The Management team CLUJ-NAPOCA
Gyöngyvér Pillich-Wright – Director of Studies
Andreea Blaga  –  Marketing Manager & Translations
Cornelia Moroşan – Programme Manager
Marc Pillich-Wright – Secretary of  International Examinations
Enikő Gáspár – Projects Manager
Biró Klara –  Projects Manager

SATU MARE office
Palincas Erika – Programme Manager

 ORADEA office
Veronica Cabalaş – Programme Manager