Course Regulations

Course Registration:
• Course registration must be done in person by completing a registration form, signing a study agreement and paying 50% of the course fee. Only participants who paid 50% of the course fee in advance are considered enrolled for that course. We do not accept any enrolments by phone or email to our group courses except for non-residents.
• In the case where there are not enough enrolments to form a group, the course fees will be returned in full.
• At registration, group / price options must be mentioned on the registration form. When all enrolments are processed the final number of participants will be communicated for each course/group/level.
• Existing participants on existing courses must hand in their registration forms for the following module on or before the deadline for registrations – otherwise they will not be taken into consideration.
• There will be a preliminary evaluation of each participant’s level to establish the group they will attend according to the current language level. This evaluation can be taken from Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 17.00.
• Should you feel that you have been mis-placed into a group, and you consider you should be placed in a higher or a lower level group, please speak to your language teacher and they will inform us or come directly to the reception to analyse what other options you may have.
• There is only one course book included in the course fee, therefore, should you move to another group you must return the coursebook in order to receive another one for a different level. However, if you have already written in the book, you will be charged for the new one.
• In the case of group courses, the hours cannot be recovered should you be absent from a lesson. In the case of individual/tandem courses, all efforts will be made to recover lost hours provided Bridge LSH is notified at least one day in advance of any affected sessions.

The course fee
• -the course participation fee is established according to the number of participants in a group : one-to-one, tandem , closed groups of 3 people, small group of 4-7 people and larger groups of 8 – 12 people.
• Should a formed group of become a larger one after the start of the courses, Bridge LSH will reimburse participants the difference in the fees paid.
• The course fee can be paid in 2 instalments. The participant must pay an advance of 50% on the day of enrolment, before the starting date of the course and the balance should be paid during the second week of the course. Should you require extra information or more details about payment possibilities please contact the reception Monday-Friday between 9am – 7pm.
• Absence from the course hours will not result in any reduction of the published course fee.
• Discounts apply to students, pensioners or for every 3rd consecutive module studied. Discounts cannot be accumulated.

Course Participation Certificate
• After course graduation, a certificate of attendance will be issued on request. This will include the number of study hours, the period you attended the courses and the level.
• The certificate of attendance is only issued provided the student has attended at least 70% of the course and achieved a minimum of 60% in the course ending test.

Other regulations:
• Please keep in mind that if you enrol for a group course, this will be organised according to the needs of all participants, their own ability to assess the course content and within the pace of the entire group not individual participants.
• Bridge Language Study House reserves the right to select the participants to courses. Anyone who is considered to demonstrate inappropriate behaviour will be asked to leave the course.
• Bridge LSH has the right to change the group schedules when a new module/course starts according to the availability of the participants, the rooms and/or the assigned teacher.