Learn Romanian

Our Romanian language programmes can be offered in many different contexts and are suitable for all language learning needs, general or specific.

Our target-groups of learners are very varied, and have included a wide range of nationalities resident in Romania as well as non-resident learners, who need Romanian language skills for either professional or personal purposes.

Programmes Offered for Speakers of other Languages Resident in Romania


These group courses are offered in 30-hour modules, with a total duration of 6 weeks. The groups may vary from a minimum of 4, maximum of 12 participants and the price of a group course depends on the number of participants enrolled for the same level (ex. beginner, elementary, intermediate etc.) and include:

• A Preliminary test to determine the correct level of study
• Course book / materials (in original for almost every language)
• Additional handouts and worksheets
• Mid-term evaluation
• Final Test
• Certificate of Participation (70% attendance and 60% Final test score required)

The final number of participants for each group will be confirmed on the Friday before the courses start. For each module we intend to form groups for all levels.


Individual and tandem courses include a module of 25 hours, with a total duration of 1-6 weeks.
There is no preliminary starting date, as the course start on demand in approximately 2, 3 days from the enrollment.
Individual, tandem and closed-group courses offer more flexibility, because the number of hours, program and content will be based on the disponibility of participants.
This kind of courses are developed so that they can adapt to the needs of participants, measured within the preliminary needs assessment.