Bridge Language Study House has successfully implemented the CertTEFL programme – highly practical teacher training course designed to provide future teachers with the initial skills needed for teaching English to adult speakers of other languages.
The course is accredited by the LCCI International Examination Board (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and consists of an 120- hours intensive training programme providing speakers with a proficient level of English (C1, C2) with the necessary skills to teach English to adults.
Assessment on the course is continuous and integrated, taking into account teaching skills, written assignments and professionalism. Each of the 6 assessed units contributes to the participant’s overall grade. Everyone will be given feedback by the trainers on their teaching and opportunities to discuss their progress individually.
Achievement of the EDI CertTEFL will confirm that the participants to this training have a good understanding of the essential aspects of the EFL teacher’s role, can organise and manage effective learning and have developed professionally through on-going reflection and evaluation.

The next unique opportunity for those who wish to enrol for a CertTEFL training teacher training programme will be between 15 July– 16 August. The deadline for enrolments will be on 15 June 2013.