It is a well-known fact, that the quality of vocational education and training (VET) systems is closely linked to the quality of teaching of VET teachers. When it comes to vocational language education however, there is still progress to be made. Even though currently language skills are given high importance, especially if we consider the labour market, in many countries teachers have limited resources and methods to teach languages to their students, especially when teaching less widely used languages or languages for vocational purposes.

The method of movie-making in the classroom comes as an answer for both teachers and students involved in VET education as it offers a very adaptable, innovative method for teachers to provide vocational language education – for adult students. The method and methodology were developed by EUROPASS centro studi europeo (Italy) and revealed to be very motivating and effective, not only in foreign language teaching/learning, but also in developing and supporting job related skills.

So the purpose of the MOVET project was to study, test, adapt and implement this teaching method in all the 5 partner institutions. Furthermore, it aimed to develop this method and to create a standard framework for teaching foreign languages for professional purposes, and job related competences.

The organising institutions: Bridge Language Study House (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), EUROPASS centro studi europeo (Florence, Italy), Cambridge English Language School (Debrecen, Hungary), Instituto de Formación Integral (Madrid, Spain) and Çubuk Anadolu Ögretmen Lisesi „Fen Lisesi” (Ankara, Turkey) said “Lights, Camera, Action!” and implemented a set of activities, with which they achieved the above mentioned aims:

Centralised Teacher Training
This event took place in Firenze (Italy) between 10-12 June 2013. The teacher training was organised by EUROPASS centro studi europeo and involved 9 language teachers from all 5 project partners. The 18-hour Teacher Training consisted of a variety of activities designed to introduce the participating teachers to the movie-making method to teach vocational languages.

National Teacher Training Sessions
5 sessions were organised in total, one in each participating country. The aim was to transfer the know-how and practice from the teachers trained at the Centralised Teacher Training to additional teachers of the organising institutions. In conclusion 43 additional teachers were introduced in the method of movie-making: 19 from Romania, 5 from Italy, 6 from Hungary, 5 from Turkey and 8 from Spain.

Pilot Study Courses
The teacher teams trained within the centralised and national training sessions tested the method of movie-making in classes via pilot study courses, which were organised in each partner institution. The language courses were held for different vocational languages and for different target groups: In Romania, the pilot study courses were organised in English for Business and Administration, the target group being unemployed youth; The Italian partners organised Italian for the Hospitality Industry courses for low skilled foreign workers from Tuscany; Unemployed youth from Hungary were able to study English for Tourism and Office Administration; In Turkey vocational high school students with low income were offered Business English courses; In Spain courses of English for the Food and Drink Industry were offered to unemployed people from any sector and also unqualified workers. In total, 134 students were trained during the pilot study courses.

As a result of these activities and other dissemination and exploitation activities, the partnership obtained two main results: Blueprint of the teacher training and Movie-Making Handbook – which give a framework for language teachers in order to understand and successfully use the movie-making method in general language classes and in vocational language classes

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