Between 15-16 February 2013 Bridge Language Study House coordinator of the “MOVET – Movies for Vocational Education and Training” – European project will organise the first project meeting at its headquarters in Cluj-Napoca!
The project wishes to transfer the innovative language teaching method of “movie making” from the country of origin: Italy, to the partner countries: Romania, Hungary, Turkey and Spain. By the end of the program (November 2014) the partners will create a handbook to show teachers and trainers how to use the movie-making method for teaching vocational languages.
12 representatives of the partner institutions will take part at this first meeting: from Turkey (Meliha Hasan Ali Bostan Vocational School of Cubuk, Ankara), Italy (Europass Centro Studi Europeo din Florenta), Spain (Instituto de Formacion Integral din Madrid), Hungary (Cambridge Language Center of Debrecen) and us from Bridge Language Study House of Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
The Leonardo da Vinci “MOVET” project was initiated in December 2012 and is financed by the Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci “Transfer of Innovation”.
For further information about the project and its outcomes, please contact us at:; 0040 – 771131618.