The members of the Bridge Language Study House Association has been implementing and organising different projects of regional, national international level of financing since 2004. Since 2010 the Association has enlarged its activities in this area by opening a project department at the Headquarters at Cluj- Napoca.

In all this time the Association aimed to promote the acquisition of foreign languages, but also cultural, personal and social development of the target groups. Our intention was to address a large group of people with our activities and projects, offering the chance of education and development to children, youth and adults, unemployed, companies, individuals, aboriginal and foreigner people.

The projects implemented to reach these goals are described below in chronological order.

For more information regarding our former and current projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Gáspár Enikő and Bíró Klára

Bridge Language Study House Association, Project Department



MOVET – Movies for Vocational Education and Training

The Leonardo da Vinci “MOVET” project was initiated in December 2012 and is financed by the Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci “Transfer of Innovation”

Description: The project wishes to transfer the innovative language teaching method of “movie making” from the country of origin: Italy, to the partner countries: Romania, Hungary, Turkey and Spain. At the end of the program (November 2014) a handbook will be created. The handbook will show VET teachers how they can use the movie-making method for teaching vocational languages.More information on

Treasure Hunting in Călata

The program was implemented on the autumn of 2012 and dedicated for 80 children from Călata region. During the 16 hours of activities we cooked traditional food, organised folk dance and singing lessons, contests of recognising traditional objects and cultural places, we visualised films and attended cultural visits.

“The Magic Lamp” – Folk Tales Telling Contest

The program was financed by the Bethlen Gabor Foundation and organised at the end of September 2012. The general aim of the contest was to preserve the cultural traditions within the young generations.

The project involved 40 school students, who presented in front of the jury and audience various folk tales. All participants were awarded with books and participation certificates. The contest ended with folk dance lessons.

Lecture Caravan

The “Lecture Caravan” promotes the Hungarian language, develops the level of education and competences and reduces the level of literacy within Călata region. The main scope is achieved by a mobile library, which travels to Macău and Jebucu villages and also by offering a program for promoting and teaching learning to children. The project takes place in 2012, between June and August, involving 60 children from the two target villages. The program was financed by the Romanian Government, Department of Interethnic Relations.

Transylvanian Mountains and Valleys

The “Transylvanian Mountains and Valleys” project was organised on the Spring on 2012, including extra-school activities which increased the identity of children. The project involved linguistically and socially disadvantaged children from Călata and Câmpia Transilvană regions. The palette of activities was large, containing folk dance and song learning, ethnographic museum visits, or arts and crafts.

Project management and methodology seminars for kindergarten teachers from rural areas of Cluj county

The seminar was designed as a 16-hour intensive weekend, where 16 teachers were able to further develop their social competencies and knowledge. On the first day, the participants experienced a variety of team-building and conflict management techniques, new theoretical and practical information and activities, and learnt how they might adopt those methods in their own classrooms. On the second day they learnt how to write a ‘Success Project’ and how to manage the skills within it.


PractiCAL - Practice Culture and Language

The “PractiCal” Grundtvig partnership was initiated in the autumn of 2011, being a two year program which implies 6 institutions from different European and Eurasian countries. The objectives of the project are the following: to observe, compare and evaluate the way in which LWULT languages are taught and learned in all partner countries; to evaluate the approaches to promote and organize LWULT language courses in each of the partner-countries; to experience learning LWULT languages of the countries involved and to promote linguistic diversity among people; to develop pedagogical skills and improve teaching competences of the language teachers; to increase acknowledgement and appreciation for other countries cultural heritage and to promote cultural diversity.

Relevant information, pictures, reports and documents can be seen by accessing the Facebook page of the project:!/groups/practical2011/

Early Education of Youth

The general goal of the project is to facilitate the early access of 200 young people from rural areas of Cluj-Napoca county, aged between 11 and 15 years, to a high quality education. Farther, to increase their information level about actual requirements on the current market of employment and to increase the level of employability in these rural areas. The program included English and Romanian language courses, informatics classes, motivational work and personal skills development.

Wings for Angels

During the Christmas of 2011, Bridge Language Study House organised a charity program in Jebucu, at Bethesda Children’s Home. The organisers offered the 47 children different kind of activities: traditional dance-learning and arts and crafts lessons. Also, at the end of the day the children decorated together the Christmas tree, while singing Christmas carols, and all of them were very happy when Santa Claus brought them the gifts. Seeing the bright-eyed young people gained even more joy and peace to the holidays. Bridge Language Study House wishes to thank all of the clients and supporters for their help!

Training Lingvistic pentru Reconversia Profesională a Şomerilor – Ediţia II.

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“New Hope” Program Series

In August 2011, 50 children of Călata region took part in a special progam, aimed to help them prepare for the market of employment. Their English language knowledge increased during the program, but their creativity, cultural education was also developed. The project was financed by Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő Zrt.

Club of the Genius I, II

The main goal of this program was to provide a complex program designed for the needs of talented children and to improve their native language knowledge. The program took place twice: in 2011 and 2012. Both times the target group was composed of 30 talented children living in Cluj-Napoca and belonging to the Hungarian minority.

Workshop of Traditional Trades

The project took place in Macău, and involved 60 children, aged between 7 and 17. The activities were organised during weekends and included: folk dance and singing classes and learning of traditional trades. At the end of the project the parents and relatives

could see the work of the children, who all received attendance certificates. The program was organised by Bridge Language Study

House, with financial support from the Oktatásért Közalapítvány.


Bridge Mobile Classroom

The main goal of this project was to promote learning and to give a chance for youth to a qualitative education. In order to achieve our goal we offered the chance of education to 200 children, coming from disadvantaged areas of Cluj county. The project had a total duration of 8 months, offering 50 hours of language courses to each participant. The courses took place in four different villages: Macău, Săvădisla, Mera and Sâncrai.

Sunday School for Disadvantaged Children

The scope of our Sunday School was to offer a weekend program for 40 children, coming from different disadvantaged areas of Cluj County. The project combined the improvement of creativeness, with learning traditional trades, games, dances and songs. Activities took place in Macău village, in the winter of 2010.

Language Training for the Unemployed - First edition

In August 2010, our linguistic program designed for the unemployed ended with a great success. 15 unemployed from different areas of Cluj-Napoca, were offered intensive English language courses. The program organised in 2011 was a continuation of last-year’s project, offering the chance of language learning to a new group of unemployed participants. Both projects were financed by the Cluj Local Council and Town Hall and organised by Bridge Language Study House.

 2004 – 2009

Adher – Adopt Your Heritage

Lifelong Learning Programme, Grundtvig Learning Partnerhip

The general aim of this partnership is to increase and empower the mutual understanding and dialogue among different cultures by improving the knowledge of people about cultural heritages and helping them find innovative ways to access to knowledge of cultural heritages.

For more information and details please visit the official webpage of the project:


Lifelong Learning Programme, Grundtvig Learning Partnerhip

The Grundtvig TUROSPA-TEFL partnership was implemented between 2007-2009.

The scope of this project was to look at the similarities and differences in the methods of learning and teaching English as a foreign language in Turkey, Spain and Romania.

It also gave chance for the teachers and learners of our centre to study short period of time at our partner-centres in Turkey and Spain

Vowel – Virtual and Open World of European Languages

By the implementation of this project, within the Leonardo da Vinci “Vowel” (2004-2006) partnership we initiated and developed interactive English, French and Spanish courses, which offered possibility for companies or individuals to learn languages with the help of internet or intranet. During 2 years of common work with our partners, we obtained great experience in the field of interactive didactic material development.