Romanian One-to-one

One–to–One and Tandem courses comprise of 25-hour modules, with between 2-5 lessons a week with a total duration of between 1-6 weeks.
There is no preliminary starting date, as the course starts on demand approximately 2, 3 days from enrolment.
Individual, tandem and closed-group courses offer more flexibility, because the number of hours, program and content will be based on the availability of participants.
These kinds of courses are developed on an individual basis according to the needs of participants, measured within the preliminary needs assessment.

At Bridge LSH we deal with each foreign language as a means of communication and teaching will take place in the target language. The courses are presented in the context of real situations, with the help of our enthusiastic teachers.

We have found that by following communicative teaching and learning methods, you will learn first of all listening and speaking, consolidated with writing and reading exercises. Grammar will be approached through communication activities. This method implies interactivity, linguistic games and other activities, focusing on understanding the cultural and mentality context of the studied language.

Our teachers use special teaching techniques, which will adapt to the different learning styles and are maintaining a balance between fluency and accuracy of needs.