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First Certificate for Teachers of Business English

In a highly competitive job market, it is vital to prove that you can bridge the skills gap between teaching general English and teaching business English language and communications skills. The First Certificate for Teachers of Business English provides an additional qualification for language teachers wishing to extend their teaching experience in the field of English for Specific Purposes.

The FTBE is a single unit qualification that consists of the following sections:

Section A – Teaching Business English (TBE) professional skills (e.g. needs analysis, syllabus/course design, lesson planning, feedback and evaluation)

Section B – TBE methodologies (e.g. different approaches, classroom management, use of materials, etc.)

Section C – Basic business concepts and practices (e.g. business terminology, letter layout, etc.)


The aims of this syllabus are to enable candidates to develop a basic knowledge and understanding of the Teaching Business English (TBE) profession in order to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the professional skills required of the Business English teacher
  • Identify the methodologies that are most effective in the Business English classroom
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the basic business concepts and practices with which the Business English teacher is expected to familiar.

Target Audience

This qualification is intended as a supplementary qualification for qualified teachers of general English, providing them with an introduction to Teaching Business English (TBE).

Language/Experience Required

The course is delivered in English. Some experience of general English language teaching will be useful, but not essential, as will a limited amount of business English teaching experience.

Examination Format

Candidates will be assessed via a 2.5 hour examination paper consisting of 4 essay-type questions.

Section A covers TBE professional skills and is worth 35% of the marks

Section B covers TBE methodology and materials and is worth 35% of the marks

Section C covers basic business concepts and practices and is worth 30% of the marks

The Course

The course is offered in the form of a 3-day intensive training programme that includes 24 contact hours. Candidates are required to complete a further 15-25 guided learning hours in preparation for the FTBE examination.


Course and examination dates:

Course: 26-28 May 2017        Cost of course: 995 RON       Examination: 10 June 2017 Cost of examination: 500 RON
Deadline for enrolments: 18 May 2017 

For any additional info and enrolments please contact us at: info [at]