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Bridge Language Study House offers you the wonderful opportunity to study Romanian from anywhere in the world in a flexible, tailor-made and supportive virtual environment, with native speaker teachers. The courses offer a complete cultural experience with lessons and activities that give you a true taste of Romanian life and culture.

Course Outline

The course will take place between 27 July and 7 August 2020 and it consists of a total of 40 hours of study during the 2 weeks, which means 4 hours of study every day

The courses focus on a practical and interactive approach to teaching Romanian as a foreign language. Classroom activities will be spiced with communication sessions, practical project-work, and language games in order to give you an opportunity to apply your Romanian knowledge in well-defined every- day situations from outside the classroom that imitate the natural flow of real-life communication.

The summer course also includes an afternoon Conversation Club, the aim of which is to boost learners’ vocabulary and use of functional language and offer them further opportunities to practise their conversation skills (even from Basic level) through daily thematic discussions.

The online summer course offers the learners the opportunity to choose the most suitable form of study for their own contexts: in groups or individually.

Learners will be tested online on enrolment, and they will be placed into the appropriate level of study. The group-sizes will be between 3 to 6 learners

Daily Timetable

10.00 – 11.25 – Lesson 1
11.25 – 11.35 – Break
11.35 – 13.00 – Lesson 2
13.00 – 14.00 – Lunch break
14.00 – 15.00 – Conversation Club 

* Romanian Time 

The main learning support of the courses in the Bridge Online platform, through which the learners have access to the course sessions and course materials. In addition to this, the ‘live’ teaching sessions are delivered via Zoom (you can find out more about it by clicking the following ink: Through the direct video contact teachers are able to present the course content, conduct extensive language consolidation and practise, evaluate and assist learners when they make mistakes and create a friendly and supportive group atmosphere. Moreover, they can maintain a highly interactive learning environment by grouping learners into pairs or small groups, this way learning online will give learners the feeling as if they were all sharing the sa

What you need to take part in this course

  • functional headsets, webcam and microphone in case they are using a desktop computer 
  • integrated webcam and microphone if they are using a laptop 
  • their course credentials (username & password) to give them access to the Bridge Online platform, which will be sent after registration and payment of the course-fee

What are the benefits of the Online Romanian Summer Course?

  • Learners are able to join the course from anywhere in the world
  • They will be able to discover the joy of learning Romanian through interactive and fun online approaches and activities
  • Learners will be able to practise their Romanian language skills in a supportive environment
  • They will be able to overcome their fear of speaking and build up their confidence in communicating in Romanian even with a limited set of vocabulary
  • Learners at higher levels will learn how to express their opinion and put forward their point of view in Romanian in the topics learned
  • They will familiarise with language practise techniques with the help of which they will be able to keep contact with the language individually, outside the course

Course costs:

Online Group Course    - 330 euro (3-6 participants)
Online One-to-One Course -  750 euro (1 participant)

Enrolment due date: 20 July 2020

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Our Main Teachers

Any teachers for this course
Price : 330 - 750 euros in RON
Registration deadline : 20-07-2020

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