Course Regulations

For BRIDGE LANGUAGE STUDY HOUSE to ensure the maximum efficiency of courses, please consider the following requirements:


1. Enrollment in courses:

  • Enrollment is to be made personally by completing an enrolment form/study contract and paying a 50% advance on the course fee. Only participants who have paid this advance can be considered ‘enrolled’ on the course. Phone or email enrolments will not be accepted.
  • If, for whatever reason, a particular course is not formed (e.g. not enough participants), then any course fees paid in advance will be refunded.
  • At registration, the preferred group / price options will be indicated on the registration form, and on completion of the entries, the number of participants will be known for each level and will be communicated to the enrolled participants.
  • Learners from ongoing modules wishing to continue with the following module will have priority over new participants, but they must confirm their participation by the deadline for enrolment – They will NOT be considered ‘automatic’ participants in the next module.
  • All new learners must undergo a placement test which will determine their level of language knowledge and will be assigned to the most relevant group at their level. The placement test can be sat from Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 17.00.
  • If you are assigned at a certain level, but for whatever reason, consider that you should attend a course at a different level; please discuss the move with your teacher, and they will make the necessary arrangements. A single coursebook is included in the course fee, so after moving to a different group, you will need to return the manual in original condition. If you have already made notes in it, then you will have to pay for another coursebook for the new level.
  • Absences from group classes are not recoverable. If you cannot attend one or more of the classes, it is considered lost time and you will have to request some self study guidance from your teacher.

2. Course fee

  • The participation fee for the course is determined according to the current programme offer according to the number of participants in a group: individual course, tandem, closed group with 3 persons, small group with 4-7 persons or large group with 8-12 persons.
  • If a formed group changes its composition after the course starts, where the course fee will decrease, BLSH will reimburse the difference in the fee paid.
  • The course fee can be paid in 2 installments. The first rate represents the 50% advance paid at the time of registration; the 2nd installment (the remaining balance) is due in the 3rd week of the course. If you have any questions or concerns, please come to the reception any evening before 19.00.
  • The participation fee will not be refunded except in the event of sickness – subject to a written request supported by a valid medical certificate.
  • Discounts apply only to students, pensioners, or 3rd consecutive module. Discounts CANNOT be ‘bundled’.

3. Certificate of participation

  • On completion of a course module, a certificate of participation can be issued on request. the certificate will show the number of course hours, the level and the date of the course.
  • The certificate is only issued if you have a minimum attendance of 70% and have achieved a minimum of 60% in the end of module test.

Other observations:

  • When you enrol in a group course, the teacher will take into account the preferences of all members of the group, the ability of each to acquire the knowledge being taught and the overall pace of the group, not individual learners.
  • Bridge Language Study House reserves the right to exclude learners from groups. Any participant who through his/her behavior will negatively affect the course or the group dynamics will be excluded from the group.
  • Bridge Language Study House reserves the right to change the course schedule from one module to the next. This will only happen in the event of the availability of the teacher, the rooms or the majority of the learners.