English Courses for Teenagers (11 - 15 years old)

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English Courses for Teenagers (11 – 15 years old)

English Courses for Teenagers (11 – 15 years old)

The English courses for teenagers were created to help high school students build their language base and further develop their knowledge of English in a well-organized setting. With this language programme, teenagers will gain more confidence in their English language skills, which will give them an important advantage in terms of future educational and professional opportunities. The curriculum is structured with the Cambridge FCE, CAE and CPE exams in mind.

What other abilities will the children develop?

- Practice ‘stress free’ communication skills

- Express their points of view and opinions on certain topics

- Apply a cultural edge through the themes approached

- Learn how to socialise spontaneously

- Develop their self-confidence and ability to use English academically

- Develop their team spirit and skills to work with a partner or team

- Exam techniques and how to control their anxiety during an exam

- Useful techniques on how to practice their English knowledge outside of study hours

- Using technology to develop their English knowledge

How are classes organised?

Courses are organised during a school year: the first week is reserved for candidates enrolment and testing, and the courses themselves last from October  until June.

The course is made up of 68 hours of teaching in total with a 2-hour session per week. The programme is set according to the school timetable, respecting school holidays as well as official holidays.

The minimum number of students in a group is 5 and the maximum is 8.

Attention: This program lasts an entire school year, and requires active dedication and participation to ensure the most effective and systematic deepening of English. It is not designed as a series of meditations that can be interrupted at any time. The basis of this programme is the standard of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​as well as the Cambridge exams valid for the progress of English language learning in secondary and high school students. For the Baccalaureate, students must acquire a minimum B2 level of linguistic ability.

Course fee:

The course fee 25 ron per hour / participant (50 ron per 2-hour lesson / participant)

Registration fee: 50 ron (this is a one-off fee and is paid at the time of registration)

Discount: 50 RON discount for the current month, if you sign up a friend or colleague

Method of payment:

The course fee is paid monthly for the number of sessions organized in one month at the beginning of each month (until the 5th of the month in progress). Not attending course sessions for other reasons does not exempt parents from paying the course fees.

Admission to classes ‘mid-course’:

Although the course system is based on a school year, we offer the chance of other interested children joining  the programme. Any newcomers will join at the beginning of the month with the registration and testing carried out during the last week of the previous month (e.g. during 25-31 of the previous month). Previously delivered material will not be recapped.

Price : 35 (per hour) RON


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