Opportunities 4 arts and crafts

Opportunities4Arts&Crafts is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership in the field of adult education, implemented between 2021 and 2023 by the six partner institutions from Romania, Poland, Finland, Spain and The Republic of North Macedonia. The target group being artisans who were disadvantaged in the pandemic situation, the project focused on the gaps they need to fill in order to be able to maintain their incomes. 

Since it is a general phenomenon that members of the target group are self-employed people, the need to develop self-study and self-discipline is obvious. Apart from this need, several other problems were identified, like lack of business education, or low digital skills. The last deficiency combined with the online marketing strategies urged by the COVID situation, results in low demand for traditional handmade products and services. 

One of the main objectives of the project was to enhance artisans’ digital competences, entrepreneurial and leadership skills. By doing this, they become more competitive in the market and obtain the suitable skills to maintain their incomes. 

Another objective was to promote traditional culture and also to teach members of the target group how to create online opportunities to sell art and craft products. 

As a result of the project artisans get better access to the information they need, about EU countries and the needs of the clients. They get to learn how to internationalize their services by enhancing their writing and digital skills, project planning abilities. Artisans also get the opportunity to become a skilled leader, entrepreneur. 

Opportunities4Arts&Crafts results in the following main intellectual outputs: video tutorials and self-study auxiliary. The training consists of 6 modules dedicated to traditional art and crafts makers starting from the most basic topic, like business planning ending with leadership skills. All serving the purpose of offering them the necessary knowledge to ensure their survival on the market. 

The videos and auxiliary can be accessed on the website of the project!


Coordinator of the project: 

Bridge Language Study House ( https://www.blsh.ro )


Centrum Educacyjne EST, Poland (https://est.edu.pl/ )

Pirkanmaan muotoloiu- ja taideteollisuusyhdistys Modus ry, Finland (https://www.modus.fi/ )


Foundation Sizigija Skopje, The Republic of North Macedonia (https://new.fondacijasizigija.org.mk/ )

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